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The YLO team is led by Ms Norma Sit as Executive Director (Volunteer).   Together with Ikram and Loren, the small YLO team is a dedicated force to serve youths for our future.  The team leverages the power and the spirit of volunteers through the Rotary Network.


Article from
Singapore Women's Weekly


About Norma

Norma is a visionary leader, a businesswoman and a social entrepreneur. 

Norma founded YLO on the back of her talks at Singapore Secondary Schools as a speaker under the Action Community For Enterprise under Singapore's SPRING, the Statutory Board for Innovation and Enterprise. 

She was compelled by statistics that showed that 1 in 5 youths were deemed clinically depressed, numbers that were confirmed by psychologists and educationists alike.  She felt that it was critical to give the youths a sense of life mission as Singapore develops rapidly.

Norma was the CEO of a significant IT company in Payments before she decided to strike off on her own as a social entrepreneur.  In her corporate career, she served in great organisations like Visa International, Singapore Airlines and the Singapore Economic Development Board, leading highly visible projects with success.  During her days in the Payments Industry, Norma was recognised to be a leader working on projects at forefront of the technology envelope, in internet payments and contactless cards.


In 2007, Norma was the winner of the Singapore Women's Weekly Great Women of Our Time (Arts and Media) Award.  Norma Sit is a fellow of the International Women Forum Leadership Foundation, having been selected to be a fellow out of hundreds of applicants worldwide.   She founded not-for-profit organisations in sports and the arts.   She was Community Service Director in the Rotary Club of Suntec City and Hon. Treasurer with the Women Business Connection amongst other voluntary leadership positions.  She is the Hon. Secretary to the EDB Society.

Norma is actively involved in various national level initiatives.  She is a Board Member of the National Volunteer and Philantrophy Centre.   In 2007, she was the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Sub-Committee under the MCYS' National Level Social Enteprise and Entrepreneurship Committee and a member of the MCYS' National Committee for A Sporting Singapore.  She serves on the Selection Sub-Committee for the National Youth Award (Sports and Adventure) and on the Manpower Skills & Training Council under Singapore Workforce Development Agency.

Norma holds a First Class Honours Degree in Engineering from Monash University Australia and was an AIDAB-EMSS scholar at the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM).  She graduated from the AGSM with the coveted Graduate Management Prize for strategy and strategic management.   Through one of her companies, she publishes 'books with a heart'.  She is presently authoring a book for women on financial independence.

Norma is married with three children, a dog named Bobby and a cat named Jenny. 


About Ikram

Ikram is a trainer whose passion lies in youth work & social causes.  An outgoing person by nature, he enjoys traveling and meeting people and his hobbies include reading and watching anime. Now at 31, he is in love with his wife of 5 years and a proud father of 2 lovable energetic kids.

An Assistant General Manager at Youth Life Ownership now, Ikram started volunteering in youth activities back in 1998 at numerous non-profit organizations.   He helps youths, via programs and publications to cope with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of overcoming life issues and going through changes in life like overcoming peer pressure, tackling sexuality issues, academic expectations and personal breakthroughs especially for the at risk youth groups referred to by the government agencies.  

Ikram also spent over ten years as a volunteer fundraiser, marketer, writer and leader for various projects and expeditions.








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