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  • Fruitful programme.
  • I think that this programme has taught me something. At first, I did not know that there are other capitals besides money, for example, physical capital, intellectual capital, social capital and political capital and we can turn capital into money, or financial capital. It is important to plan ahead for our future.
  • I have to thank Ms Sit a lot for giving me a lot of information on what I want to be in the future. She has taught me that I can be versatile in the jobs I do by being in the tourism industry as well as designing clothing for people.
  • Thank you Ms Sit for teaching us that we should plan our future before hand, think about our goals, and target, jobs, that we want in our future.
  • Thanks a lot to Ms Sit for encouraging me to do what I want. Together with sharing her experience of her own life, it gives me a lot of motivation to work towards my goal.
  • Actually, most people at our age know already. I feel that this programme is like a reminder. It is good as this is an 'O' Level year.
  • I think that the Compass programme was great and useful. Now I know that I can start planning for my life for my career and how to get to my destination in life. Thanks a lot. :)



  • I learnt that I should not neglect the important people in my life. No matter how busy I am, I should also spend time with my family and friends.
  • I have learnt that planning and thinking is important before we do anything. This helps us to cherish and make use of all the time and perform our potential to the fullest. Prioritizing our time is also important as we may regret or miss many important parts of our lives if we do not do things that are the most important first !
  • I like all those nice and meaningful proverbs, it is very encouraging. Overall, I think the programme is good because I learnt a lot about my own self, my needs and the most important, plan of my life. Thank You! Maybe, the time can be cut short because the attention span of the pupils may not be too long.

  • I learn that my life consist of many things (my parents, my school, friends ....) We must live everyday to the fullest and to do that, we need to plan our goals and have determination to reach that goal. We may have failures in life, but we must never give up to succeed.
  • I (believe) that the class benefit me in a lot of ways. Before I attended the programme, I only know to respect people, prioritize my time and work hard, but after attending it, I know a lot more. There are a lot of aspects in achieving our goals. Therefore, this is quite a meaningful lesson.
  • I did enjoy the lesson.
  • This programme just .... Blew my mind away. Thank you for helping me with my life.
  • Well, I found the programme interesting. Kudos to Compass for taking the time & effort for the students.
  • This programme allows me to understand the importance to do some planning for my life to get to my destination in life. You're great. Done a great job in having me to know more about what I want to do in the future. Thanks ! =)


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