Life Ownership... Living Life With Passion On-Purpose.




Since 2006, YLO has been conducting youth training and youth mentoring programmes, working specially with neigbourhood schools.

The YLO programme encompasses

  • ROCK IT!!! An Experience of a Lifetime for Youths - TWO Days of Experiential and Breakthrough Learning
  • Youth Life Planning (The Compass Programme)
  • Motivation & Mentoring (The M&M Programme)
  • Project Godmother
  • Camp Vision (Working with Others for Youth@Risk)
  • Social Enterprise Projects

The cornerstone programme is 'The Compass', licensed from Liveworks Pte Ltd - see, YLO guides youths to think about their lives holistically and systemically.

For 2008, Rotary together with YLO will hold Rotary-Youth Life Ownership Rally 2008 - ROCK IT!!! The event targets to bring 1200 youths together. Please see 'Events.'





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