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Glenn is YLO's Ambasssador.

Glenn Lim is an inspiring role model and a gifted public speaker.

As a young rock musician, he came close to a life sentence for importing drugs in his youth.   Thankful for a second chance, he has made good and has since served as a youth counsellor, trainer and ambassador.

Glenn has been recognised for his efforts in youth outreach through his many diverse music and creative platforms, working closely with many government and community agencies. 

In Jul 2005, he was conferred 'Singapore Youth Award', Singapore's highest youth accolade.

In Nov 2006, Glenn was awarded 'The Outstanding Young Person' of Singapore Honoree Award.

He was awarded ASEAN Youth Award in November 2006.

Glenn was accorded the Distinguished Outstanding Young Person of the World 2007 Award at the JCI World Congress in Turkey in Nov 2007.























Elim is YLO's Ambassador.



Elim Chew is a leader and person extraordinaire in her own right. 


YEAR 2006

  • Appointed as Advisor for The National Youth Forum
  • Appointed as Member of the Board of Trustees, National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Appointed as Member of NUS Council Enterprise Committee
  • Appointed as Member of NUS Investment Committee
  • Appointed as Board Member of Industrial and Services Co-operative Society Limited (ISCOS)
  • Founding member and director of Social Innovation Park (SIP)
  • Championed PaTH (Pop and Talent Hub) Arts Market, the first social enterprise arts market in Singapore
  • Appointed as steering member of the Social Enterprise Committee and its sub-committees of strategic planning, project development, publicity & promotions and finance, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS)
  • Appointed as Deputy Chairperson, ITE (Institute of Technical Education) Enterprise Development Advisory Committee

YEAR 2007

  • Organised the 2nd SIP-Schwab Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Advocate for the Speak Mandarin Campaign by the National Libarary Board

YEAR 2008

  • Member of the Protem Committee inder the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) - steering the development of the Social Enterprise Association


1997 Cho Oyu
1998 Mt Everest
1999 South Pole
2000 7 Summits
2001 Shishapangma
              without oxygen
2002 North Pole
2003 Cycling: 
2004 Swimming:
             Straits of Malacca
2005 World's Longest
             Scuba Dive
2006 Mt Everest
2007 - World's Longest
             Journey On Skates


Dear Friends,

Life has taken me on some amazing journeys. I would like to share some of these magical moments with you in these pages.

Every time I embark on an adventure, I have to learn some new skills in order to tackle the challenges ahead. But I am also re-learning and re-applying some principles again and again - faith, friendship, courage, determination, love and hope. It is heart-warming to know there are timeless and priceless values in this ever changing and chaotic world.

People often ask me "Why and how do you keep going in times of hardship?" I have two answers. Firstly, I only live once. So, I only get one chance. Secondly, when I grow old, I want to leave this life without too many regrets. I would like to be able to say to myself: "I have tried my best."

But if you want to go on a journey that's filled with uncertainties, excitement and surprises, you can't bring along too much luggage. It's important to travel light.

Having had some close calls, without the Creator's protection, I probably wouldn't be here today. That's why I name my son Sheng Feng, meaning, the Holy Mountain. Above all, I hope he will grow up to know his Creator.

After reading these pages, my wish is that you will be inspired to set out to pursue your dreams. Hopefully, someday, you will share with me some of your stories.

Remember, when you decide to try something seemingly impossible, miracles begin.

 Khoo Swee Chiow,
Motivational Speaker







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