Gorgeous, Sexy & Rich!


Gorgeous, Sexy & Rich!

Gorgeous, Sexy & RIch! is a book written for women who want it all! 

Let's face it.   The New Woman is no longer an easy animal who will put on an apron and slave away behind a stove and potter around the home figuring out furniture.  Yes, we do things like that when we want to and out of love for our families.  The New Woman loves make-up and being beautiful but is not a slave to it.  We love totally to-die for stilettoes but we love our sports gear too.  When we walk through a shopping mall, we are queens in our domain.

Gorgeous, Sexy & Rich is a book for the New Woman.  How to have it all and become financially free!

In my book, I recalled the story of my good friend, Germaine, or Gerry as I call her.   Gerry is a beautiful woman with strong independent views.  She led a fantastic expatriate life as the wife of the high-flying regional vice-president of a large MNC.   She gave up her own super job to follow her husband as he was posted to all corners of the earth.    Gerry was intelligent and had a great sense of style and beauty.  She was financially dependent on her husband all those years.

When I met with her again after years, she said she was looking for a job to become financially independent.  She was in her late forties.  Her husband in his retirement years had gone batty and was keeping his monies away from her.  I sensed something was wrong and advised her to have a heart-to-heart talk to him about money.    He was fifteen years older than she was and possibly might pass on earlier before she did.  What then?  Would she be broke?

'Oh, no! We never talk about money, Norma.  He is not that sort of a person.  It is not in his culture to talk about money.'   He was 'old European' and she was Hongkong Chinese.

Four months later, she called me.  'Norma, he has really gone batty.  I came home tonight and he is gone!  He packed his bags and has now moved in with his gay friend.   I can't figure it out.  What's wrong with the man?  He closed down ALL our bank accounts, took all the money and is gone.'  

Two days later, Gerry was having a garage sale selling off her valuable furniture.  Her husband and she had sold their home a year earlier and had moved into a rented apartment because he decided to do so.   He made her take out the lease in her name which she went along as he did not turn up the morning of the lease take-over to sign the lease agreement.   She now was broke, without cash, without a husband, no bank account and had to service a lease on a rented apartment.

'How dumb!' did I hear you say?   Gerry was not dumb.  By far, she was one of the most intelligent and commercial minded women I know.   Yet, in her late forties, my friend, Gerry, was broke and has to sell her furniture which she loved and move to a rented room. 

I wrote the book because I cannot bear to see anymore Gerrys.   I cannot bear to see women give themselves up for love and find themselves broke, divorced, widowed or stuck in a bad marriage.   Women should be free.   It is no longer about bra-burning or equality.   Don't let the men make it that fight for you in their fear that you become independent of them!   In today's world, it is about being financially smart and taking care of ourselves so that we live lives that are meaningful, purposeful and self-directed. 

Happy reading!

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'Gorgeous, Sexy & Rich: Money for Women' 
Published by Marshall Cavendish. 
Out on the bookstands July 2008.   Look for it. 
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