Gorgeous, Sexy & Rich!


Chinese New Year 2008.

I brought the family and some good friends out to a New Year lunch.   It is the Chinese custom to celebrate the new year with family and close friends with a super meal - not much difference culture to culture, I guess.  :)   Customary New Year meals bring in the lovely Chinese 'Yu Sheng' which is a wonderful crunchy fresh salad with yummy slices of sashimi salmon tossed with thin strings of carrot and radish tossed in a beautiful sweet sour sauce.   The traditional Chinese thing to do is to wish each other prosperity forever, happiness, many children (to the newly weds) and of course money.

I looked to a really good friend seated across from me on that huge round table and wished him, 'Happy New Year and may you see your salary increase three times this year!'   I knew my good friend was struggling with his work life and wants a quantum leap in his career and take-home pay.   His 80-year old mother who was seated at the next table, whose ears were glued to every word her son had to say, said, 'Oh, it does not matter what he gets as long as he is happy.'

Oops.  Oops.  Money.   Why do people not wish themselves, or their loved ones, money, I wonder.  Are people afraid of money? 

Money is a good thing.   Wealth is a great thing!   I love my kids.  I love my family.  But I love money too.  Not the same way.  But yes, I love money.  Why shouldn't I?

I want money to be in my life and I want so much of it so that I never have to be concerned about having to work for some idiotic person who fears smart women because of his need for security.  I want money to grow in my life.  I want to see that smuack-smuack number in my bank account grow and my net worth increase year to year.  Even if I end up giving it all away to charity at the end of my life, I want money to multiply endlessly in my life. 

For yes, money is a form of blessing too.  We need to change the way we look at it.  It is not money that is the root of all evil.  But it is the love of money to the exclusion of others that is to be shunned.

So roll in the money, World!  Smuack-smuack!



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