Gorgeous, Sexy & Rich!


Money empowers.  Having money and becoming financially independent form an important cornerstone of contemporary living.  Women can no longer hide behind the portals of marriage for security and well-being.   Where once a woman's salvation was dependent on her husband's almost, women today have more freedoms than we used to have.  The Cinderella story needs to be re-written and our 'happily ever after' needs to be rethought.

We can have our 'happily ever afters', with or without a man.  Of course, I have a preference to be with someone who loves and cares for me as I do him.   Which is why I was married, divorced and remarried.  I believe in marriage or being a part of a relationship that is alive and works. 

Being a woman means we are sometimes single in our lives, sometimes married, sometimes divorced, and sometimes widowed and alone again.   How do we live successfully through the loss of a child, the loss of a spouse, the death of a marriage or the empty nest?   Women face so much in each phase of our lives.  Men can't quite seem to understand the emotional lives we live, thinking we are melodramatic at best and being difficult at worst.   We are often neither, but just being our feminine selves.  We are just being women.

One of the most fundamental freedoms a woman can have is to become financially free.  Without that, a woman is dependent.   It is a binary function.  It is either this or that.  No half-way points.  Being dependent on someone else is not freedom. 

Money liberates.  We need to get it, grow it and keep it.  The rest, being Gorgeous and Sexy, is easy thereafter.

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'Gorgeous, Sexy & Rich: Money for Women' 
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