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Little Monets 
Please read the Terms & Conditions


  1. All prices are fixed as listed.  Any discount if given is subject to the accompanying terms and requirements.  Please enquire. 
  2. We reserve the right to cancel classes and make full refunds if registration is insufficient to run the workshop successfully.
  3. We reserve the right to decline acceptance of a child if the programme is unsuitable for the child.  We will advise accordingly. 
  4. Any cancellation by students shall be made at least one week before the workshop date.  Cancellation with less than 7 days will forfeit 20% payment for the workshop.  You can choose to credit the sums paid to future workshops.
  5. While Kinderart will look after your children to the best of our ability, parents are required to sign an indemnity form. 


  1. Each Kinderart Term is 12 weeks / lessons.
  2. Please make cheques payable to KINDERART PTE LTD.
  3. Please note that there shall be no refund on payment made for Course/Term Fee Deposit and Course/Term Fees. 
  4. Discounts if applicable are subject to the accompanying terms and conditions.
  5. Any withdrawal from course must be made in writing to Kinderart.  Kinderart may refund the unused portion of the Course/Term Fees for extenuating circumstances.
  6. There shall be no replacement class or prorate in course fees for lesson/s missed by student.
  7. If lessons fall on public holidays, the fee for the skipped lesson shall be prorated out of the prescribed term fees when applicable.
  8. Students cannot change their centre of class registration without prior written approval from Kinderart.
  9. Kinderart reserve the right to make changes to course duration and replacement lessons from term to term.
  10. Kinderart will do its best to send a replacement teacher should the appointed teacher be unable to teach for any reason.  It reserves the right to mount replacement lessons if a replacement teacher cannot be sent.
  11. Please note that there shall be no refund on payment made for Art Materials and/or Art Bag whichever is applicable.  Students can choose between payment for art materials by the lesson or for the art bag. We recommend purchasing the Art Bag as it works out to be more economical.
  12. Kinderart help children learn art.  If your child makes absolutely NO improvement after TWO Full Terms (24 lessons) with Kinderart, we will refund up to 80% of the Instruction Fees paid.  Our teachers will take digital photographs of the child's progress from lesson to lesson.
    Kindly do note that this condition is provided to parents in sincerity from Kinderart.  It should not be abused for subsidised lessons.  If you need a subsidy for art lessons, Kinderart allocates a small budget each year to children who want to learn art but cannot afford to do so.  Please enquire with our office for this subsidised programme for special children.
    To comply with accounting policies, claims if any must be made within two weeks from the end of two terms of programme with Kinderart. We regret that we cannot process claims thereafter.


I have read, understood and will adhere to the Terms and Conditions laid by the Kinderart.

I recognize that Kinderart will take reasonable care of my child during the time my child is attending a Kinderart class/event.

I shall not hold Kinderart or its agents responsible for any accident/mishap should such happen due to causes or reasons beyond Kinderart's control.




Parent's / Guardian Signature

(Implied by Payment)