Learning Rembrandt - Kinderartist Joel
2-D Work

2-D Art work comprises painting, drawing, sketching and doodling.  We bring your child through 2-D workshops to teach

  • perspective and scale
  • light and shadows
  • forms and shapes
  • composition
  • colour theory

We will be uploading more 2D workshops in 2009 soon.  Meantime, please go to 'Great Artists' to view current 2-D workshops.


Colour Grids - 20 Nov - Maxwell Studio


Colour grids show harmony or discordance depending on placement and colour combinations.

Canvas and Acrylic Paints

Water Colour Landscapes - 28 Nov - Maxwell Studio


The delicate shades of watercolours are unparalleled.  Requiring technique, watercolour paintings are loved for their transparency and light qualities.