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Blu Bear's Habitat. A Playground of Joy
Habitats are where we live.  They are safe places we call home.  Kinderart examines many different kinds habitats.

Cowboy Town - 2 Workshop Days

Cowboy town in a pizza box.  Red Indian teepees. Wiresculpture horse with wiresculpture cowboy.

Underwater Fantasy - 2 Workshop Days


Magic seahorse in a sparkling underwaterworld of corals, seaplants, colourful fishes.  Guarded by two starfish.  In a big jar.

The Secret Garden

Wondrous garden of flowers in spring.  Shapes, colours and composition.  Landscaping and planning.

Blu Bear's Playground

A Playground from a Child's Imagination.  Giant mushrooms, log slides, soft sand, caterpillar bookshelf, wishing leaves, edible flowers from candybars and a hope butterfly.