If you are a parent visiting this site, we would like to introduce you to our principles of teaching and learning art.

  • Art is natural to children. 

Our job is to bring out the art in your child 
and help your child acquire skills. 

  • Art is an expressive language.  Like ABC.  Like forming words like cat, pat, fat, mat, rat.   Step by step. 

Children learn at different paces. 
While we may want to accelerate the process, we must respect their individual pace.

  • Praise is the magic key.

Children want to please their parents. 
Studies show that when children are praised for work done, they develop in positive ways. 
It is our job as parents and teachers to praise them so they develop positively.

When a child returns home with a painting, eager to show you, ask about it. 
Praise him/her. 
This motivates them to do better. 

  • The Process is as Important as the Outcome.

While final output is important, it is more important that your child

      • Enjoys learning
      • Learns HOW to learn
    • Outcomes that are more important than beautiful pictures:
      • A Love for Learning
      • Ownership and Pride
      • A Sense of Adventure, Risk-Taking and Decision-Making
      • Confidence and Creavity
      • Clear Ability to Draw and Paint

As you go through our site, and review the pictures, please see these pictures from your child's eyes. 

      1. Critique with Eyes of Love.
      2. Praise and Embrace your child. 
      3. He/She is a Gift from the Universe and is unique in every way.

Thank You!

With Love,
The Teachers in Kinderart
Norma Sit, Founder, Kinderart!