Gorgeous, Sexy & Rich!

27 May 2010

Dear Friend

Welcome to the Gorgeous Sexy and Rich (GSR) Website.

I made this website 100% -- so please bear with me if it looks like it was made in a garage.  It was.  And if the information is slightly dated, that is because I am out somewhere doing some project in some remote place in the ASEAN. 

This is a photo of me taken at Hoi An Beach in Vietnam.  I spend almost 50% of my time in Vietnam these days, working on work-work and humanitarian-work. The other 50% I am at home writing or in my office with my wonderful team.  Of course, being a supposed 'superwoman' (a big ha-ha-ha), I do do all the things that are important to my two children.  Like watching a French film with Brian who speaks French and I don't, and running around with my daughter Elizabeth, being amazed by her cleverness and her emotional intelligence. 

I like this photo of me because of the purple nails!  :)  Haha.  I am such a 'girl-girl' woman.  That's me.  I grew up as a tomboy and became a woman somewhere in time.

I have recently started two micro-sites for GSR - GSR Media and GSR Thoughts   Updates will be to these micro-sites as it is much easier for me to update things on the move. 

Thank you for being here with me.  

Be happy always.  Find Love.  Find Peace.  Find Yourself.  Daily.



p/s:   The books are now available on Amazon.com.   Yippee!


Live Today.  Plan For Tomorrow.  Be Happy About Yesterday.