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About Norma

Norma Sit is an entrepreneur and a 'social activist'.  She owns and runs her businesses under the Liveworks brand.  Her corporate experience includes being the CEO of a high growth highly visible IT company in the payments industry, wearing multiple hats when she served at the Singapore Economic Development Board, and being a co-founding manager of a US$200m fund mooted and sponsored by Temasek Holdings during the Asian financial crisis in 1998.   She is an active volunteer and a new-age philanthropist, supporting and spearheading work in sports and the arts, and for disadvantaged women and youth.   Her recent work includes serving as Chairman of the Strategic Planning Sub-Committee of the Social Enterprise Committee (Singapore), Committee Member of the Social Enterprise Implementation Committee (Singapore), Member of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency Arts and Culture Manpower Skills and Training Council, Member of the Singapore Youth Award Advisory Committee (Sports and Adventure), and Member of Sporting Culture Committee (Singapore).  She is the Honorary Secretary of The EDB Society and Exco Member of the Singapore Women Business Connection.  In 2006, she founded, led and operationalised Youth Life Ownership Ltd, a social enterprise dedicated to empowering ‘inner city’ youths.  She is a Board Member of the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre of Singapore. 


She is co-founder of The Children of ASEAN Fund, an initiative she is actively co-spearheading to support orphanages and schools in the ASEAN and to eradicate the effects of poverty on children, namely child prostitution and abuse.


Norma is a fellow of the International Women Forum Leadership Foundation and an award winner of the Singapore Women’s Weekly Great Women of Our Times (2006).  In 2008, Norma was recognised by the International Alliance for Women with the World of Difference 100 Award.   She holds a Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honours) from Monash University (1982) and is a Equity and Merit Scholar (AIDAB) for her Master of Business Administration at the Australian Graduate School of Management (1991).  Norma writes and is published.  She works pro-bono on publishing third party writings where such writings are supportive of the development of humanity.


She is married with three nearly grown-up children. 



Live Today.  Plan For Tomorrow.  Be Happy About Yesterday.