Art Teachers Exchange

ATE is a service provided by the Art Teachers and Educators Association (AATE) in Singapore.  

ATE serves the community by listing art teachers who are open to opportunities to teach your child.   As a customer, you should expect to pay between $25-70 per hour per student for art lessons, depending on the level of the teacher.  An art teacher who expects less than $25 an hour is probably not a teacher who has dedicated herself to teaching art.  

Here are the ATE, you have a choice. 

You can choose from teachers who are listed with us on our free listing service,


you can choose Art-At-Home programmes by our partner Kinderart Pte Ltd.  Teachers who are from Kinderart are trained to teach a curriculum and according to lesson plans.  You can choose from a range of Kinderart programmes suitable for your child. 

There are benefits for either choice.   Please note that all teachers under free listing are free lancers in their own right. 


Sponsored by Kinderart Pte Ltd